Project investments

We continually assist local and global companies as well as high net worth individuals looking to develop projects in all sectors of commercial activity.

At Centric Global we have partnered with a professional advisory firm “Quantum House Australia” and an international law firm “Kaden Boriss Legal” who can prepare a feasibility study for your proposed project as well as performing high level due diligence, compile cash flow, market forecasts, a suite of risk management advisory and assessment services. Additionally, Centric Global can assist in the following:

  • Project Development Funding
  • Private Equity Capital
  • Access to Alternative Sources of Funding Through Strong Relationships with Investors
  • International Grant Funding

For consultation about your project development needs, please consult one of our team members.

Legal Disclaimer: Centric Global is not a broker or dealer and is not involved in business transactions that would necessitate registration as a broker-dealer, financial planner, or investment advisor.