Sourcing from China

China is now one of the most preeminent and successful sourcing destinations in the world. It provides significant costs saving opportunities in Mining, Metals, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Power and Infrastructure industries.  These savings can typically range from 10% to 30% on a landed cost basis without compromising technical performance and quality.

The dicost-saving-chinafferent levels of supplier and the various stages of maturity of business environments can easily result in increased risks when sourcing from China without the correct guidance and assistance.

We have identified China sourcing related risks including engineering standards, quality, schedule, culture, supply chain security, contract obligation, financial reliability and exchange rate fluctuation, and developed risk mitigation measures that allow clients to safely navigate China and thereby enjoy China sourcing benefits. Before compiling our approved list of 300 suppliers we had investigated over 2,000 which did not meet our stringent approval tests.  Our up-to-date China supplier database also covers equipment and materials, such as structural steel, pressure vessel, piping, valve, pump, conveyor, stacker, reclaimer, shiploader, module, accommodation building, wagon, transformer, E-house, grinding ball, liner and spares, etc., required for both capital projects and existing asset operations.


For consultation about the issues in your trade and sourcing needs from China, please consult one of our team members.